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SLUG Local CD Review

There are so many great elements to this record. Triggers & Slips grab a handful of Honky Tonk, a bit of alt country, and just enough Southern Rock to not be annoying about it.

If songs like “Old Friends” were getting played on country radio stations, you couldn’t stop me from tuning in, but alas, delightful tunes that reach out and grab me like this one rarely get that recognition.

If you’re even a little bit interested in hearing some very satisfying country and Americana music, please check out Triggers & Slips. You won’t regret it. –James Orme SLUG Magazine

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Salt Lake Magazine

Featuring well-worded, occasionally poignant material written by the band's frontman Morgan Snow, the bopping country-rock grooves are anchored by the top-shelf musicianship of bandmates John Davis, Zach Griffin and Wil Grimshaw.

On standout tracks like "Old Friends," "4 Letters" and "Aftermath," the band mixes solid lyrics with interesting melodies that are firmly rooted in the country tradition, but never sound clichéd or copied.

Trigger & Slipsis a top-flight country-rock cd on par with many better known acts in this populous genre.
Scott Murphy Salt Lake Magazine

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Worthwhile local country rockers release new cd

The new eponymous EP from Salt Lake City's Triggers N Slips fully shows why the quartet is well worth hearing and seeing. The six-song cd, available for free via download starting later this month at the band's website is a top-flight country-rock cd on par with many better known acts in this populous genre. 

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Triggers & Slips

This past Friday night, among the dozen events I walked into to say hi, I made room for a show over at Burt's Tiki Lounge. When I walked into the joint, the first thing I noticed was the lack of light. It turns out that the hot, silver stage lights that look like they were constructed in 1962 had finally died! The only light left in the room was a three-way lamp above the band with one of the bulbs burned out. This meant two things: I'd be using a flash, and the bar is now a candidate for LCD lighting.

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