Presenting Triggers & Slips...
Don't miss this show! October 13th!
A whole lotta talent on stage...

Life’s about choices - it does no good not to feel
If you only live in heaven - you’ll never know what’s real.

- Triggers & Slips

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February 23nrd
Pat's BBQ.

Cisero's in Park City

MArch 23nd
The Hog Wallow


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POSTED // 10-11-2012

When talking about the formation of the band Triggers & Slips, guitarist and singer Morgan Snow is rather blunt about how he got the band off the ground. “I pretty much poached a bunch of different bands,” says Snow.  “And, somehow, they were all dumb enough to come play music with me.” The ‘they’ he is referring to includes band members John Davis, Wil Grimshaw, Zach Griffen and Tommy Mortenson. 
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POSTED // 5-11-2012

Morgan Snow shares some insight into the heavy songs on Triggers & Slips’ debut album. This self-titled album is the beginning of this band, Snow says, adding that in the band’s short time, it has “had plenty of members, fans, and even a few enemies.”
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